The wines we source

The story of our wines is entwined with the story of our lives, and it is hard to unpick what came first- our love of France or our love of its vineyards.  

Over the last 30 years Earle Wines has evolved so that we now see ourselves as a passionate intermediary, here to introduce wine lovers to lesser known, but still incredible, vignerons. Our selection includes thought-provoking ‘everyday’ drinking through to the rare, fine vintages.  Each and every wine that within our portfolio offers variety, value and quality which is the hallmark of our business.

As you get to know Earle Wines, you will see that we have a wide reach; from full-bodied, hefty reds, to elegant whites, vibrant rosés to lively champagnes. For many years we have worked closely with growers in France but also have relationships with vineyards all around the globe.  We work with some innovative and exciting producers in Spain, Argentina, New Zealand, Chile, and Sonoma County to name a few.

Of course, there are perks to the job!  And we love nothing more than tracking down a little known vineyard that shares our values of integrity, dedication and personal service and then sharing that with you. We believe that by uncovering these lesser known vineyards, we can introduce our customers to some very special experiences, without costing the earth.

In most cases, the vineyards that we select are family-owned with a history of high quality vintages.  Often their vines are grown with little to no chemical treatments or fertilisers and are processed by hand.  We savour the opportunity to go to the vineyard to check on the progress of the harvest.  The attention to detail that we witness is evident in the final product that we deliver to your door. 

We are proud that many of the wines we offer are only available exclusively through our service and cannot be obtained elsewhere.