Located in the heart of the Languedoc, the domain’s Terrasse de Beziers soils has been cultivated since Roman times. The soils vary from alluvium to pebble stones to hills of limestone-clay, rich in marine fossils.The variations in soil and microclimates helps create ‘cuvees’ as well as varietal and subtly blended wines.

Wild neighbours

The domain is surrounded by garrigue, a type of scrubland. Here thyme, rosemary, lavender, pines, olives, fig trees, almond trees and blackberries all thrive. They help add to the distinct aroma of grapes grown in the Terrasse de Beziers.

Six generations of knowledge

Since 1837 the Viennet family have been tending the vineyards. The sixth generation to carry on the tradition are Gustave and Mari Viennet.

A cellar made from chalk

The wines are aged in a cellar carved from chalky rocks in the 17th century. Now modernized, this cellar keeps a constant temperature and humidity. This creates the best conditions for ageing and storing wines.

Sustainable agricultural techniques

Concerned by the ecological aspects of wine growing, Gustave and his staff follow the rules of sustainable agriculture. Vines are trellised to favour sun, ventilation and reduce moisture problems. Limited weeding is carried out in order to preserve soil balance and micro life.