These wine-growers tend vineyards around the Southern Burgundy village of Vergisson, between Roche de Vergisson and Roche de Solutré. Domaine Saumaize covers eight hectares and three designations: Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran and Macon Blanc.

Rich geology, wonderful wines

The Mâconnais wine-growing region has a rich geology. Plots are distributed across different hillsides, with soil types ranging from chalk to clay or mixture. It is perfect spot for growing Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Gamay grape varieties.

Respect for the vines and the soil

This incarnation of Domaine Saumaize was created twenty years ago by Jacques Saumaize and his wife Nathalie. Some of the vineyards had been worked by several generations of ancestors. Most work is carried out by hand. They prune to leave a reasonable number of grapes, tying and topcutting by hand. Domaine Sauzmaine avoids using tractors so as not to compact the soil. No insecticides are used.

The Craftsman Wine-growers of Southern Burgundy

Domain Saumaize is part of an association founded by 14 wine-growers from the Mâcon region. These wine growers attach great importance to:

  • growing the vines, including tilling all plots
  • practices that respect the environment and preserve the diversity of the ecosystem
  • maintaining hand-picking, out of respect for the grape and also for the symbolic and social value of the grape harvest

Three new vineyards have since joined the Association, which now has 17 estate members.

What the wine reviewers say

“I like the Mâconnais. I feel more growers realise they have to work that bit harder as they don’t have the prestige of Meursault, Montrachet etc.”

– James Lawrence, The Wine Remedy