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Savigny-Les-Beaunes - Domaine Justin Girardin 'Les Gollardes'

Savigny-Les-Beaunes - Domaine Justin Girardin 'Les Gollardes'

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This wine is a beautiful red Burgundy produced by Justin Girardin and made from vines that are 40 years old. The Pinot Noir grapes are picked from parcels located in the vineyards of Savigny-Les-Beaunes. Roundness and volume, often evoke the cherries with a beautiful elegance.

Les Gollardes is a climate at the northern end of the Savigny les Beaune vineyard. The relief is particularly marked here, forming a funnel between the Beaune mountain, the Rhouin valley and the Vauteloy and Barbauron combes which delimit the plots. The name Gollardes comes precisely from this configuration, gole and its diminutive gollot means "the bottleneck" in old French. Another theory is that the name comes from the ''gol'', an inferior grape variety probably banned at the same time as Gamay by Philippe le Hardi in 1395, although we have no further information today.

This hillside terroir is cold and dry, permanently exposed to the wind due to its configuration. On the surface, the soil is clayey with limestone gravel and in the subsoil there is a vast limestone slab that forms a ledge. The south-western exposure counters the coolness coming from the Rhouin valley and brings roundness and richness to the wine of this terroir.   

The terroir is clay-limestone and the wines are aged in oak barrels for 12 months. 

Present in Burgundy since 1570, Justin Girardin represents today the 13th generation at the head of the family estate of 17 hectares, from Savigny-Les-Beaunes to Santenay. Each parcel produces a different wine with its own identity. Vigilant to the well-being of his vines, Justin and his teams work in Biodynamics, and intervene only in good time for the maintenance of the vineyard in the logic of healthy agriculture and always more respectful of its environment. 





ABV: 12.5%


REGION: Burgundy

APPELLATION: Savigny-Les-Beaunes

PRODUCER: Justin Girardin

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